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Sexy Pinay on the Casting Couch

…but not really. It’s an amateur beauty contest which requires the sexy Pinay contestants to use the couch on their talent numbers. The judges then have to decide which of the bikini girls looked the hottest on her numerous poses while using the sofa. Go past the break and see what we’re talking about.

31340676_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340668_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340655_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340621_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg

31340649_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340629_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg

  31340546_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340536_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg

 31340572_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340559_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg

31340685_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340614_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg 31340586_sexy_pinay_on_the_ca.jpg

We think that the Miss World Philippines should incorporate this type of talent show on their next event. Also, have a look at Contestant Number 5.

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