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Paulene So Pretty in Black

Sexy Pinay model Paulene So’s prettiness really shows when she chose to wear a black lingerie in this pictorial. This set will surely make you wish that there’s a Paulene So sex video lurking somewhere. More pics waiting after the usual jump.

17554212_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554221_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554227_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg

17554223_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554229_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554233_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg

17554237_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554219_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554243_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg

17554215_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554235_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554240_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554245_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554247_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg 17554249_paulene_so_pretty_in.jpg

Also, here is Paulene with Karen Bordador flaunting their sexy Pinay bodies.

*Image credits: Photographers as per watermarks

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