Thursday , April 24 2014
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Paulene So Beach Photos

Paulene So takes some souvenir photos of her beach vacation. No bikini shots here but it’s interesting to see how Paulene looks with some clothes. More pics waiting just past the cut.

19954972_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954967_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954965_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg

19954964_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954963_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954960_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg

19954954_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954971_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg 19954969_paulene_so_beach_pho.jpg

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