Friday , April 18 2014
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Myles Hernandez is a Naughty College Chick

A bunch of Myles Hernandez scanned images from her not-so-long-ago magazine spread. Check out how her puppies beautifully dangle while she get down on her hands and knees, subliminally hinting that she’s always ready for a doggy.

21831585_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg 21831584_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg 21831586_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg

21831588_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg 21831608_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg

21831614_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg 21831611_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg

21831597_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg 21831619_myles_hernandez_is_a.jpg

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