Wednesday , April 16 2014
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More Danica Torres Topless Pics

Before we go about this post, we’d like to give 2 thumbs up to Gian Quidasol, Dhon Nuevo, and Pongs Pongautan Photography for these set of Danica Torres topless photos. Now, if you’re finished staring at that smooth and lickable armpit (which we think you still aren’t), click on the jump to see more hand-bra pics.

27975723_more_danica_torres_t.jpg 27975721_more_danica_torres_t.jpg 27975706_more_danica_torres_t.jpg

27975678_more_danica_torres_t.jpg 27975667_more_danica_torres_t.jpg 27975673_more_danica_torres_t.jpg

Wanna see more right? Then head on over to this Danica’s Overall Beauty post and after that see this Danica Torres rating we gave her.

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