Sunday , April 20 2014
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Mocha Girls Sexy FHM Photo Shoot

Mae Dela Cerna lends her hand-bra to Jhane Santiaguel in their sexy FHM photo shoot. Although we’ve seen better poses, we still won’t pass on the opportunity to share you these topless Mocha Girls pics. Click the “Read more…” to see more.

33654996_mocha_girls_sexy_fhm.jpg 33654997_mocha_girls_sexy_fhm.jpg

33654998_mocha_girls_sexy_fhm.jpg 31414986835551896474.jpg 16808777773296656350.jpg

Also, watch the Mocha Girls having a blast on their Take a Sip dance performance (we doubt if we can say the same thing for the audience though).

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  1. Saan na si Mae?

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