Thursday , April 24 2014
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Mocha Girls Playboy Spread

This one’s kinda late but it’s better than never. Besides, it’s the Mocha Girls showing lots of flesh so we really couldn’t afford to pass it up. Up next, 2 Playboy covers and lots of scanned images of Mocha and friends.

18834981_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18835003_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18835009_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg

18835000_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18834988_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18834990_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18834993_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg

18834996_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18835007_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg 18834984_mocha_girls_playboy_.jpg

Also, you’ve seen the Mocha Girls’ FHM Exclusive pics, right? Credit goes to the guy whose name/alias appears as watermark on some of the photos.

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  1. pdf naman po ng issue na yan…

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