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FHM Babes of June 2012

These are the other hot FHM babes for their June 2012 issue. Though we think that some of the photos are a bit “so-so” in terms of being fap-worthy, some of the pics are still nice to look at. You can see more just past the break.

30316445_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg 30316439_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg 30316408_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg

30316399_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg 30316388_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg 30316378_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg

30316352_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg 30316422_fhm_babes_of_june_20.jpg

We hope that next month, FHM PH will bring it a notch higher and will feature more sexier Filipinas. Until then, you might wanna check these Kaye Abad FHM Scans from the same June 2012 issue.

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