Thursday , April 17 2014
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Danica Torres Sexy Lingerie Pics

It would seem that we can’t get enough of hot Pinays in lingerie so we’ll give a big salute for Dhon Nuevo, Pongs Pongautan, and Gian Quidasol Photography for their Danica Torres sexy photos that made our day. We can clearly see that she is sizzling hot wearing that red undies, not to mention those smooth and flawless armpits that’s giving us a hard-on right now. You know what happens when you click the “Read more…” button, right?

Danica Torres Sexy Photo Danica Torres Sexy Pose

Danica Torres Boobs Pic

Danica Torres in a Sexy Dress

Danica Torres Lingerie Photo Danica Torres Armpit

You won’t see any hair-bra in this post so if it feels a bit short for you, then you might wanna try watching this Danica Torres sexy video from Happy Endings.

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  1. wow this girl is cute i love pinay girl…

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