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Danica Torres’ Overall Beauty

This post is not as hot as the Danica Torres Hand-bra one but since us men (well, at least most of us), appreciates a woman’s overall appearance rather than just her breasts, we’re going to stare at Danica’s pretty smile, smooth and white armpits, sexy hourglass-like figure, and “can’t-help-but-be-noticed” mound. Hit the cut to see more.

26967746_danica_torres_overal.jpg 26967745_danica_torres_overal.jpg 26967742_danica_torres_overal.jpg


Even if not totally nude, you can see that Danica is quite gorgeous because of her petite size and great hips.

26967741_danica_torres_overal.jpg 26967739_danica_torres_overal.jpg

But we had to admit, nothing beats the sight of a gorgeous and pretty Pinay wearing her hand-bra.

*Image credit: Pongs Pongautan Photography

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