Friday , April 25 2014
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Anne Curtis Sings Without Any Panties?!

So Anne Curtis sings on live TV allegedly, wearing no panties and then getting wet. Big deal. Would’ve been a bigger embarrassment if she sang even if she knew she’s got no talent in singing and just wears a very revealing dress to compensate for it, right? Oh… wait… Anyway, more of Anne’s obviously-shaved mound screenshots will appear after you click on our ever-reliable “Read more…” link.

26313204_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg 26313207_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg 26313195_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg

26313209_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg 26313212_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg 26313214_anne_curtis_sings_wi.jpg

So now what’s the point in crying over a bikini malfunction when after almost 2 years you’re just gonna go for something as daring as this?

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