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AJ Sachi Drool-Inducing Pics

AJ Sachi is one of the hottest rising model today and pin-up favorite. Even though she’s not as tall as Premiere Vixen Karen Bordador, this girl’s hotness just goes through the roof and if we’re gonna rate her on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s going to be a 9.5. Whoever took these photos are probably having a hard-on while shooting her. More of AJ’s pics to drool at after the cut.

Nope, not yet but here are some sexy photos of hot Pinay model Aj Sachi. Some in her swimsuit and some in her fishnet dress.

  25396011_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396007_drooling_time_with_a.jpg

25396015_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396014_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396013_drooling_time_with_a.jpg

And here are more of AJ’s sexy pics. We hope that in the very near future, she’ll also have a pictorial wearing only her birthday suit.

25396019_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396018_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396016_drooling_time_with_a.jpg

25396017_drooling_time_with_a.jpg 25396001_drooling_time_with_a.jpg

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